Whether drinking too much water will be poisoned

Whether drinking too much water will be poisoned

       Drinking more water has certain benefits for the skin and the body. This has become the consensus of many people. Then, if you drink too much water, will it be poisoned?
      According to experts, excessive water consumption in a short period of time will indeed lead to "water poisoning".
Excessive drinking can cause excessive loss of salt in the body, and some water will be absorbed into the tissue cells, causing the cells to edema. At first, there will be symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, and rapid heartbeat. In severe cases, paralysis, disturbance of consciousness, and coma may occur, that is, water poisoning. Therefore, some girls want to rely on a lot of water to lose weight is very dangerous.
According to reports, people often think that water poisoning only occurs in accidental drowning incidents. In fact, it occurs in daily life, but it is only mild and has not attracted attention. Especially in the summer journey, people tend to play with forgetting, sweating, and the probability of electrolyte loss such as sodium salt in the body is very high. If you drink a lot of fresh water without supplementing the salt, you will have dizziness, vomiting, fatigue, muscle pain in the limbs, etc. Mild water poisoning symptoms.

      However, everyone should not be afraid of drinking water. For ordinary people, the main problem in drinking water is not that they will be poisoned if they drink too much, but that most people do not drink enough water. How to add it? As long as healthy people do not drink plenty of water in a short period of time, there is little chance of ‘water poisoning’.
Experts remind that to avoid water poisoning, you must master the skills of drinking water. First, we must replenish salt in time. Appropriately drink some light salt water to supplement the inorganic salts taken by the body's massive sweat. According to reports, add 1 gram of salt to 500 ml of drinking water and drink it at the right time. This not only complements the needs of the body, but also prevents electrolyte imbalance. Second, drink a small amount of water several times. When you are thirsty, you can't drink it once. You should drink it several times, and drink less every time to benefit the body. It is advisable to use 100 ml to 150 ml each time, and the interval is half an hour. Third, avoid drinking "ice" water. In summer, the temperature is high, and people's body temperature is also high. Drinking a lot of cold drinks is easy to cause digestive diseases. It is best not to drink drinks below 5 degrees Celsius. Experts suggest that it is more scientific to drink light salt water around 10 degrees Celsius. This will not only cool the thirst, but also harm the stomach, and also timely replenish the salt needed by the human body.

So, are you drinking right now?

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