Is drinking pure  water for a long time harmful to the body ?

Is drinking pure water for a long time harmful to the body ?

Is drinking pure water for a long time harmful to the body? To understand this problem, the first thing to understand is pure water?

First, what is water?

Water (chemical formula: H?O) is an inorganic substance composed of two elements of hydrogen and oxygen, and is non-toxic. It is a colorless and odorless transparent liquid under normal temperature and pressure, and is called the source of human life. Water is one of the most common substances on earth, an important resource for all life including human beings, and the most important part of living things. Water plays an important role in the evolution of life. It is a narrowly defined, non-renewable, generalized renewable resource.

Second, what is pure water?

Pure water, also known as pure water. So what is pure water? The so-called pure water means that its water quality is pure and does not contain any impurities. It consists of a single substance of H2O. It effectively avoids the invasion of various bacteria into the human body. Its advantage is that it can effectively and safely replenish water to the human body. It has strong solubility, so it has strong affinity with human cells and promotes metabolism.

How to pure water?

Three ways:

1, natural rain, dew

2, distilled water

3, reverse osmosis filtration

Third, long-term drinking pure water is good for the body?

Natural rain is the purest water on earth, removing all matter. Humans have lived on natural rain for tens of thousands of years, and this has no negative impact on human health. It is only in recent years that humans in the industrial age have polluted the sky to cause pollution of rainwater. Is there anything more natural than the rain created by Mother Nature?

Emperor Kangxi has high requirements for drinking water, especially for the water used for cooking tea. This has a clear record in the literature: the health of the person and the diet are the most important. How much experience has been experienced. Every water in the local area is called the light and heavy. Because of the best knowledge of water, it is divided into two parts. If it is not good, it is steamed water to take its dew, and to make tea, Zebu Zundanbahutu It has been used for many years as a steaming dew.

Whether it is natural rain or distilled water, there are thousands of drinking records, not only does not endanger human health, but also allows humans to flourish. Today we have a more scientific way to get pure water, which is to obtain pure water through reverse osmosis membrane filtration. It is more convenient for people to get pure and sweet water. Why bother to fear it?

Reverse osmosis technology does remove minerals from tap water. However, we humans do not get a lot of minerals from the water they drink, but from the food they eat. For example, there are 7 grams of organic minerals and various vitamins in 1000 grams of milk. In 1000 grams of water in tap water, there is only 0.14 grams of inorganic mineral salts. The amount of minerals contained in one cup of milk is equal to the amount of minerals contained in 50 cups of tap water. Try some milk at breakfast.

Another thing we overlook is the type of minerals in the water. Tap water contains only inorganic minerals that are not normally absorbed by the body. The organic minerals that the human body needs are only organic minerals in organisms such as plants and animals that are easily absorbed by the human body. Inorganic minerals in water are rarely beneficial to the human body and are in fact harmful to human health.

Therefore, please give up the paradox of drinking water to replenish minerals. Water is an essential element of our body. Please drink boldly.

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