Why can't you drink too much beverage ? Isn't the beverage also have water?

Why can't you drink too much beverage ? Isn't the beverage also have water?

Some people say that it is not just drinking water. Beverage are not water.  In fact, this is not the case. If you drink too much beverage, it will be harmful to your health:

    Can't stop thirsty

    There are many kinds of beverage and various tastes, which many people like. However, in addition to a part of the juice, the beverage is also doped with a lot of flavors, pigments, preservatives, although these food additives have stricter standards, but also need to consume body water to help metabolism after entering the human body, making people "drink more and more "Thirsty", obviously can not be beneficial to human health.

    Hurt the stomach

    When a person drinks a large amount of cold beverage, the gastrointestinal blood vessels will contract immediately when they are cold, so that the blood flow is less, the blood flow becomes less, which causes gastrointestinal dysfunction, and even causes stomach cramps, gastritis, stomach pain. And other illnesses.

    Corrosive teeth

    Various additives, flavor enhancers, organic acids, etc. contained in the beverage have a strong corrosive effect on human teeth and damage the protective layer enamel on the tooth surface. If the enamel is damaged, there will be symptoms such as soreness and pulp disease.

    Affect nutritional intake

    Drinks contain sugar, which can cause people's blood sugar to rise after a large intake of human body, which in turn makes the central nervous system of the human body feel full. In the long run, it not only affects people's appetite, but also affects the normal intake of various nutrients.

    Preservative damage to cells

    Preservatives in beverages (eg, sodium benzoate or potassium benzoate) can cause damage to DNA in mitochondria. According to research data, preservatives are associated with diseases such as urticaria and asthma.

    Increase the risk of diabetes

    A survey of 90,000 women who followed for 8 years found that people who drank more than one sweet drink a day had a doubled risk of developing diabetes than those who ate less than one a month. Moreover, even those who do not gain weight by drinking sweet drinks still exhibit an effect of promoting diabetes when the body mass index and daily energy intake are completely the same.

    Easy to cause childhood obesity

    The carbonated beverage has a sugar content of about 10%. A 355 ml carbonated beverage has a sugar content of about 40 grams. When you consume two cans of carbonated beverage a day, it has 320 kilocalories. Intake for 28,800 kcal for three consecutive months, which is equivalent to an increase of about 4 kg of fat.

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