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Washable pre filter for household

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The pre filter comprises:

(1)    Housing with female and male threads

(2)    Threaded connections

(3)    Fine filter in clear filter bowl

(4)    Ball valve

(5)    Double wring wrench



(1)    Body of dezincification resistant pressed brass

(2)    Brass threaded connections

(3)    Stainless steel mesh filter

(4)    Shock resistant



The pre filter ensures a continuous supply of filtered water. The fine filter stops the flow of particulates, for example rust particles, strands of hemp, or grains of sand. Sediment collected at the bottom of the filtered bowl can simply be removed by rinsing the filter.

Compact in size, these filters were designed to fit where space is limited


Special features

Simply assembly

Filtered water supply even during rinsing

Shock resistant clear synthetic material filter bowl enables easy checking of filter contamination

Filter and complete filter bowl are replaceable

Body with female and male threads