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PH-02 red 0.05pH Resolution aquarium Pocket Size Digital mini PH Meter

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DETAILS OF PH02 red 0.05pH Resolution aquarium Pocket Size Digital mini PH Meter
Precise pH level measurement made easy & accessible
EASTCOOLER’s pH02 provides more reliable accuracy and durability for testing the acidity or alkalinity of liquids. It’s incredibly easy to use—just immerse the electrode and the readings are automatically displayed. With a resolution of 0.01pH and a 0.05pH range of error, you may get higher accuracy than other pH meters. The electrode is designed with more durability in order to offer a longer product lifespan. The pH02 even includes an extra set of calibration buffer powder and batteries for maximum value.

With a standard measuring range of 0-14 pH, the pH02 is an easy way to test your swimming pool, aquarium, tap water, or appliance water source so you can finally know whether the water you are drinking or using is acceptable for the application. It’s also an excellent choice for basic measurements in a laboratory setting, making it an essential tool for students taking chemistry or biology classes.

EASTCOOLER customers have used the pH02  meter in a huge variety of applications including home brewing, laboratory testing, aquarium maintenance, liquid solution testing, potable water testing and much more!

Data sheet

Material Plastic
Weight 130g
Color Red
Packing Size 18*7*3.3cm
PH 0.0-14.0PH
Function test water PH
Product Weight 50g
Shipping Weight 130g
Temperature 0-50°C