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EF025 Eastcooler connecting pipe hand valve for RO system

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Product Name Connecting pipe hand valve for RO system
Model NO.


Material Food grade PP
Color White or gray
Tube O.D. 1/4",1/4"



  • Suitable for food

Our water fittings through BS, WARS, FDA, NSF certification of non-toxic materials and it's used for  pure water machine, water, food and beverage series of parts.

  • Usability

Our quick water fittings use faster, more convenient and more secure.

  • Design

Come within the grasp of the unique design on the basis of practice, to be endorsed by the majority of customers.

  • Quality

Our factory obtained IS9000 certification and ROHS certification. Our products by 10-15 kg of water hammer 50,000 consecutive anti-fatigue test, 40 kg compression test leakage did not occur now, but also by the national CDC quarantine certification report.