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LGTWRO-1812-100 LG 100GPD RO membrane

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The reverse osmosis membrane remove the particles of heavy metal (primarily calcium and magnesium, lead, chromium and nitrates), bacterial and any other carbonates from source water.

This membrane can be used to replace CSM, Axeon, Dow FilmTec, GE, and any other 1812 style membranes

Rejects wide spectrum of impurities down to .0001 micron. 50 gallons per day - production rate under ideal conditions 95-97% Rejection Rate

Reverse Osmosis can produce better, cleaner water for your household to consume and enjoy.

Data sheet

Filtration Steps Single stage
Color Blue
RO membrane 100G
Use RO system
Packing Brown Carton
Function Removing chlorine,bateria and impurie
Application Indoor
Filtration Media Reverse osmosis membrane
Precision 0.0001 um
Place of origin Korea
Filtration Type Reverse osmosis