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MF04 4 in 1 far infrared mineral inline water filter cartridge

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The infrared filter is installed normally as the last stage on the water purifiers, it adds mineral to the clear water.

Far infrared mineral stone is made of inorganic powered materials and nano-antibacterial, which is designed for water purification factories.

The mineral stone has far-infrared emission and antibacterial function, insoluble in water, and non-toxic.

By a test from a China institute of Metrology, the radiation rate reaches 92% at a wavelength of 2-18um. The test also shows that after the mineral ball is soaking in water, the polarity of the water will rearrange and combined into a stable small molecules (5-6 molecules), at the same time, the dissolved oxygen in water is getting more and more as well. This state of water molecules can help the health a great lot.

Data sheet

Material PP
Filtration Steps 4 Stages
Use ro system,aquarium,drinking water filters
Packing Brown Carton
Function Adds minerals to water,removing bateria
Application household water filters
Filtration Media Infared mineral
Port Size 1/4"
Temperature 1-45℃
Housing Length 10"
Housing Diameter 2.5"
Housing Color Clear
Place of origin China