How can I prevent the Waterborne Contaminants?

How can I prevent the Waterborne Contaminants?

How can I prevent the Waterborne Contaminants

It’s bad enough to be able to see, smell, or taste a contaminant. But what if your water looks, smells, and tastes just fine — is it? Not necessarily.


Microbial and organic contaminants cannot always be detected by human senses. You might go years before realizing a problem exists.

Many folks never become suspicious until people in the community start to get sick. Water near agricultural areas may contain harmful

organic material from pesticide or fertilizer application. Chemicals from pesticides and fertilizers in water may increase cancer risk and

reproductive problems, and can impair eye, liver, kidney, and other body functions. Similar problems can result from exposure to water

near industrial plants.


Some common waterborne contaminants include:

What can we do about lead contamination?

1. Use a water filter. Most reverse osmosis systems will be capable of reducing lead contamination.

2. Flush your pipes before use. The longer that water lies stagnant in your pipes, then the higher levels of lead will be in it. You should run your faucet long enough for the water to get as cold at possible, before using it.

3. Only use cold water for any cooking or drinking. Hot water will contain higher levels of lead. It should be noted that more traditional methods of purifyingwater like boiling, have absolutely no effect on lead. It is reasonably safe to shower in lead contaminated water, as lead is not absorbed by human skin.

The Most Popular Eastcooler Water Filters for Lead Removal: Top 3

1. 12 Stages Showerhead Filter

Powerful Fliter. This special designed shower water fliter can remove the acid and chlorine in the water in an amazing extent, and soften water

active water. And it also can protect your skin and hair.

2. UF O Ceramic Faucet Water Filter 

The filtering system includes activated carbon and ceramics that reduce chlorine, lead, herbicides and pesticides and solid particles.

Clean your fruits, vegetables, and all foods with purified water. Your dishes will have a better taste without your water spoiling. Your skin will

suffer less when preparing food and washing dishes.

3. Washing Machine Pre-Filter


- protection of washing machines from scale 

- Economy

- lowers the expense of use of powder

- eliminates the need to add expensive softeners means for each wash

- water services are not required to be installed

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